Three New Poetry Books from Jay Verney

Now available on Amazon are three, you heard me, three new poetry books from Jay Verney. Here are their delectable covers and a little something about them:

Book cover for Zenku 365 by Jay Verney

Zenku is the daughter of Haiku, the Japanese poetic form read and written around the world. Zenku 365 is chock full of tiny little poems, one for every day of the year, plus a Leap Zenku, plus spares. Furthermore, there’s a mini workshop on how to write your own Zenkus and love them forever. Zenkus are freestyle three-line micro poems. They’re of the moment, inviting mindfulness in both creator and reader. Get your copy now at Amazon by clicking on the book cover above.

Book cover image of The Mindful Art of Verandaku Volume 1 by Jay Verney

The Mindful Art Of Verandaku – Micro Poems in a Macro World – Volume One offers the first of two volumes of The Verandaku Project, 999 Verandakus, which began life as a humble blog, Veranda Life, consisting of haiku style poems with accompanying images, one per day for 999 days. This volume of 333 Verandakus, with selected images, is coupled with an essay about the creation of the project and a guide for anyone interested in creating their own mindful artwork.

Book cover image of The Mindful Art of Verandaku Volume 2 by Jay Verney

Volume Two of The Mindful Art Of Verandaku features double the number of poems of Volume One, together with a mini workshop on creating these small, energetic, and self-contained moments. Three lines of 17 syllables: 5-7-5 – Verandaku is waiting for you.

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