Summon Up The Blood by Jay Verney – Art Theft This Colourful is Definitely Criminal

Summon Up The Blood is award-winning author, Jay Verney’s fourth novel. It’s about family, and faith and finding a new way to live after the worst tragedy a parent can endure. It’s also about art theft and the shady and murderous world of mega-billionaires and their peccadilloes.

Summon Up The Blood cover image

Check out the back cover blurb below and then hustle over to Amazon to get your ebook or paperback. Also available in paperback through the Book Depository (free postage around the world – yippee):

A little boy murdered in the most tragic of circumstances, and avenging angels intent on revenge. Obsessed, unscrupulous art collectors and the international antiquities thieves who service their desires. The Olympic Games and an elite group of corrupt Chinese agents double-crossing each other. An organised crime family on the path to redemption.

What could they all possibly have in common? Livia Galvin – grieving mother, Olympic shooting champion, art gallery owner, and now, an unwitting participant in a conspiracy with a billionaire oligarch.

Attacked by would-be assassins on her way to Beijing airport, Livia finally arrives home to find her family in chaos after the unexplained death of her godmother.

It’s only the beginning of a quest in which Livia will need all of her considerable strength of purpose and character to accept her unexpected new role when the most startling and life-changing surprise of all is revealed.

With new revelations and threats at every turn, Livia Galvin and her most faithful supporters must truly ‘imitate the actions of the tiger, and summon up the blood’ in this novel of intrigue and passion that stretches from Bogota to Boston, and from Beijing to London, with its ultimate source in sub-tropical River City on the 27th parallel: the sunniest place in the world for some of the shadiest people you’ll ever meet.

You know you want to read it, and read it you can – get yourself at speed to Amazon or The Book Depository this very moment and buy buy buy – you won’t regret it, promise.

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