Kerry-Ann & the ’82 Share House Blues – a Short Story by Jay Verney – available now

The Press Gang is pleased to flagrantly flog a short story by Jay Verney. It’s called Kerry-Ann and the ’82 Share House Blues.


Way back then, in ’82, apart from grieving over ABBA’s demise, we weren’t bothered by Facebook, or Twitter, or mobile phones. We had no dial-up modems, let alone broadband. People talked with each other face to face.

Good Lord – you mean in the same room, Grasshopper, together?

And furthermore, households, if they were lucky, had one telephone plugged into the wall, and a long-distance call cost about the same as a first class trip to the Galapagos.

It’s all true – so why not check out a time when a web was where your pet spider, Alex, lived, and when twittering was the province of feathered creatures.

Here’s the Kerry-Ann blurb:

Kerry-Ann Brazil could be homeless if she doesn’t make a move, and soon. However, it isn’t as simple as posting a Facebook request, or Tweeting a plea.

It’s 1982, and the share house blues have hit hard. But is Kerry-Ann the instrument of her own demise? Has she happened upon the love lives of her house mates, Louise and Pete, at precisely the wrong moment? And how will she know what to do and who to choose in the brave new world of house-hunting among strangers?

Remember your twenties? Remember the friends and strangers who somehow became strangers and friends?

Join Kerry-Ann and remember her ’82 share house blues.

Here’s the download link:

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