A Mortality Tale – a crime novel by Jay Verney – available on Amazon

Jay Verney’s first novel, A Mortality Tale, was shortlisted for both the Miles Franklin and Australian/Vogel Literary Awards, and is now available as an ebook on Amazon.

A Mortality Tale

A Mortality Tale

Jay Verney wrote A Mortality Tale after she was visited by police searching for a hit and run driver who had killed a woman and fled the accident scene. The only clue anyone had was that the car involved was a small white hatchback. Acting on that scant information, the woman’s brothers went to the scene and spent days painstakingly noting down the registration details of every car travelling that road that fit the description. Then they handed the list over to police, who began to work their way through it, searching for the proverbial needle in the vehicular haystack.

The only thing that Jay had in common with the hit and run driver was that she, too, owned a white hatchback. Some time before that tragic event, though, Jay had had a near miss herself, when a young man stepped into the path of her car on a dark street as she drove home from a party. Fortunately, she swerved in the right direction, and he stepped in the right direction, and everyone made it home safely.
Thinking about the two events, Jay began to wonder how it would feel to be that driver, the one who actually caused a death.  What if she had hit someone? And what if there were no apparent witnesses? What might a person do in such a terrible circumstance? The right thing? Or not? And can you ever really get away with it? Enter Carmen Molloy, protagonist and morally challenged driver of A Mortality Tale.

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