Creating A Custom Fit In An Off-The Rack Genre World – A new essay by Jay Verney


Yes, happy readers, Jay’s been at it again, this time with an essay which formed part of her PhD thesis – the other half is her novel, Summon Up The Blood

Creating A Custom Fit In An Off-The-Rack Genre World cover image

The sub-title of this essay, as you can see from the image above, is The Proximal Investigator, The Corpse of Convenience, and Their Family of Circumstance in Crime Fiction.  It’s kind of self-explanatory, but here’s the blurb for a more detailed look at this addition to academic analysis of arguably the most popular genre of our time:

Creating A Custom Fit In An Off-The-Rack Genre World is about the three main kinds of characters found in murder fiction: the investigators, the victims, and the suspects. It is possible to place these characters along a creative continuum. from the relatively formulaic to the relatively unique, from stock characters to more fully-realised human beings. Custom Fit takes a fresh perspective on these characters, suggesting new terms for each role. The detective or investigator becomes the Proximal Investigator, and the victim the Corpse of Convenience. The collective term for the suspects is the Family of Circumstance, remembering that, initially at least, everyone in a murder novel is suspect.
Using examples from novels by Peter Hoeg, Henning Mankell, Walter Mosley, and Sara Paretsky, this text asks questions such as: how do murder fiction’s characters achieve a sense of difference in their roles, even as they abide by established conventions, demonstrating traits and behaviours similar to other investigators, suspects and victims? How do they flout convention while following it? And how do they contribute to the genre’s evolution and development?

Creating A Custom Fit in an Off-the-Rack Genre World is a stand-alone text but also a companion essay to the novel, Summon Up The Blood, both of which formed the author’s doctorate in Creative Writing, which received a University of Queensland Dean’s Award for Outstanding Research Higher Degree Thesis.

Creating A Custom Fit in an Off-the-Rack Genre World is available as both a Kindle ebook and a paperback. Get your copy now at Amazon where you can check out Jay’s author page for other fabulous titles.

The Women Come & Go and The Women Came & Went – A Memoir and An Essay by Jay Verney


February and March have been busy months at Zen Kettle Books and we’re proud to have something to show for it. Jay Verney’s memoir together with an essay reflecting upon the writing of the memoir is now available in both Kindle and paperback formats. We know you’ll want to rush over to Amazon to buy your copies.

The Women Come & Go and The Women Came & Went cover image

The Women Come And Go is a memoir of several generations of working-class women from a Central Queensland family. Told through personal knowledge and memories, and recreations of events, along with family artefacts such as treasured love letters from the author’s father to her mother, Jay Verney offers a story both intimate and relatable. The Women Come And Goconsiders the interdependent historical, cultural and personal contexts of the women’s lives and how each generation has irrevocably influenced the next.

The second part of the book, The Women Came And Went, is an essay which critiques and reflects upon the memoir, establishing the background to its conception and creations and describing an Index of Artefacts both unique to the family and universally recognisable.